Adega de Almeirim

Strategy & digital presence

The Adega de Almeirim, one of the largest wineries in Portugal, recognizes the importance of its presence and implementation of strategic communication on the Internet. In April 2017, Ivory Black was chosen as creative studio responsible for their online presence. With our monthly planning, we create content that inform and promote Adega de Almeirim to their target audience. With a different communication and a dynamic interaction, we arousing the interest and earned a place in the consumer's memory.


Launch of the signature "Já na Mesa", which represents a perfect combination between the wines and the typical dishes of the festive blocks. You can find rich proposals from their winemaker connecting food and wine.

Wine of the month

Every month the Wine Cellar highlights one of its wines as "Wine of the Month" extolling its characteristics to the public. Added to this monthly signature, there is the "Contest Wine of the Month" which gives their fans a chance to win a bottle of the selected wine in their home.


Briefs that keep followers informed and updated about prizes and medals won, attendance at fairs and new markets, sharing the events on the agenda and other curiosities about Adega de Almeirim.

Holidays & Dates

The holidays and epic dates do not go unnoticed and are always remembered and celebrated with all the followers.

Visit the page

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